Landscaping St. Louis

All Star Landscaping provides a full range of lawn maintenance and landscaping services, including design and feature installation services in St. Louis, Missouri.

You want to be proud of your lawn or garden . But are you doing it right? Here are some tips to make sure your front or backyard continues to look its best.
Watering – Your lawn will require more watering for the first year after being planted because the roots won’t be very deep. Every lawn is best watered before the middle of the day, preferably earlier in the morning. It’s best to water your lawn for longer periods of time less frequently, rather than every day for a short period of time. Watering your lawn every day through the summer can actually damage the sod. Remember to also be aware of local water restrictions.
Mulching – Using mulch in your garden can keep the soil from becoming too dry, and reduce the need for frequent watering. Mulch can also keep the temperature of the soil consistent and prevent weeds from growing.
Mowing – It’s best not to over-mow your lawn. The more you remove, the less likely it is that the roots will grow to their maximum potential. Newly planted lawns should be mowed after they’ve reached about 5cm, and only 1cm should be taken off.
Taking care of your lawn and garden will provide you with great results and less problems in the future. If your backyard still isn’t as beautiful as you’d like it to be, call in the pros. A landscaper will be able to tell you what can be done to maximize your lawn or garden’s full potential.

For regular lawn maintenance homeowners should include mulching in their lawn care routine. Both organic and inorganic mulching have different benefits to them depending on the type of lawn care you seek. Organic mulch slowly decomposes, providing organic matter that will loosen your soil. By doing this, the organic mulching will improve the growth of roots while improving water-holding ability in the soil, and increasing water infiltration. Inorganic mulching is permanent and at times might be difficult to remove, assuming you want to change your plants. It is therefore recommended by our professionals that you use organic mulches for your lawn maintenance. By opting for organic mulches, you can simultaneously recycle some of the materials which we gather from landscaping your lawns such as lawn clippings after mowing. Newspapers also work as mulch material, controlling weeds. Leaves that are blown and gathered can be put into the organic mulch materials as well as leaf mold and decomposing leaves.

Professionals know precisely when to apply mulching. They are able to determine the amount and application time of mulching to achieve the optimum moderation of soil temperature. They also know exactly which other additives can be mixed into your organic mulch to help the growth of specific plants such as pine needles for rhododendrons or blueberries. Professionals understand how to achieve moisture retention specifically, or weed control, or soil improvement individually or combined. They know how large of an area to cover and how much mulch is needed, in particular how much of each organic item should be mixed for mulching.

St. Louis tree removal is often a necessary part of landscaping, though it can be done for means of clearing land or a space for another type of design including a garden, pond, or lawn. With tree removal St. Louis professionals offer tree removal of any kind. Tree removal is dangerous and something which should be done by St. Louis tree removal professionals. There are many steps and aspects to tree removal. Tree removal can be done without using stump grinders; however stump grinders make it easier to remove the stump after the tree has fallen. Wood chippers are a great means of chipping the tree which was chopped down and making wood chips from the many branches and stump. For tree care, St. Louis tree removal professionals use chain saws for trimming trees. This is the first step in tree removal. There are gas powered chain saws and electric chain saws and our professionals are well equipped to handle either.

If you have a tree limb which is hanging dangerously above your house or near your power lines, it should be removed. However, complete tree removal might not be necessary. In this instance, you would be best off which having your tree limbed. This is another issue for which you should turn to St. Louis tree removal professionals to maintain tree health, safety, and the best estimates around. If you have an old tree on your property which is threatening to fall, our tree removal services offer you a professional means of removing it. Professionals can also aid you in temporary tree removal, which consists of transplanting a tree from one point to another. No matter which option you require, whether it is complete tree removal including the stump, removing limbs, or transplanting your tree, professionals are here to ensure that you are able to refurbish your landscape design.

Every area in your yard is meant for a specific purpose. There is the front area whose purpose is to invite neighbors in to the great looking home, expounding upon the beauty of the exterior of your home. The back yard is meant as a private escape which is perfect for entertainment and recreation. Any side yards you might have are perfect for storing yard tools or used as a utility area. When you consider your front yard, you should consider how it frames your home. Think of your home like a picture, and the front yard as the frame. The frame can include trees or large shrubs placed on either side of the home. If you place a large shrub which is rounded at the corner of your home, the vertical lines of a taller home will be softened. By utilizing a different shape, the lawn and the color of the flowers can direct people’s attention to your front door. It is important to make sure that your front yard looks good all year round.

This means that you should utilize the best lawn care and
including evergreens and deciduous plants. Plants which leave messes from fruits or flowers should not be placed near the driveway or sidewalk because of the additional maintenance. For the backyard, you should consider it a place for relaxation and play. This means that having a tall hedge can offer additional privacy to your home. If you have neighbors, you can strategically place a few plants in the line of sight of their windows.

Landscape designs are a great way to establish a beautiful natural scene in your home or business. Professionals can create landscaping designs which utilize popular trees or flowers in your local area, or imported trees and flowers. You can collaborate on landscaping needs of any design, such as lawn maintenance, watering frequency, or fertilization. Landscaping designs integrate external water features, retaining walls, as well as flowers, trees, water features, ponds, even stepping stones, water falls, and other human accessories. Landscaping encompasses the joys of landscaping designs, mulching, tree removal, gardening, mulching, pavers, lawn care, fertilization, sodding, lawn care, irrigation, and water features, all of which are used to offer landscaping designs fit for your home or business. Whether you run a company and are looking for landscaping ideas to expound upon the aesthetic qualities of your customer base, or your home needs sprucing, landscaping is the perfect answer.  Once you establish the design of the landscape you want, you will be briefed on the necessary maintenance for the various aspects of your landscaping designs. Lawn care, for example, is a vital part of landscaping and landscaping designs. Lawn care means weed control, maintenance, fertilization, and treatment if necessary. The application of pesticides should be left to professionals to avoid pesticide pollution, but the application of fertilizer can be done by homeowners. Lawn care means taking preemptive measures to avoid insect problems, pest problems, as well as disease problems. Proper techniques for mowing, optimum water frequency and proper fertilizing are some of the courses of action for maintaining a lawn.